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gluten free Italian in Valencia Spain

Where to enjoy gluten-free Italian in Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain is becoming more and more well-known for their delicious food, various types of cuisine, and great prices for a tasty meal. They are also adapting more and more to the gluten-free diet of many individuals who have an intolerance to gluten.

Here are our top four picks for a gluten-free Italian meal in Valencia, Spain.

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How I’m not the mom I always thought I’d be

I had big plans. I had a vision of who I would be as a mother. I also had big ideas for how my baby would be. I thought I’d be a Pinterest-crafting, Montessori-educating, schedule-adhering, well-rested mother. My son was going to be a cloth-diaper-wearing, independent-sleeping, self-soothing infant. To put it simply, I was wrong.

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An open letter to my husband during the last weeks of pregnancy

This could be considered a love letter. Or a letter of reflection. But mostly, this is a letter of gratitude.

I am writing this letter openly to save as a memory for Timi and me as a couple, but also in hopes to inspire other couples. I hope to share my gratitude for my partner and in turn, encourage thoughtfulness, intention, and love between partners during pregnancy.

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living in spain

New Expectations

13 new expectations I have since living in Spain

Living in Spain has changed many of my perspectives on life. I have explored the practice of embracing the unknown. I have taken advantage of the chance to learn about my own cultural vulnerability. I listen more. I treasure the opportunity to be present in this unique experience of living abroad.

One major change I have noticed is my shift in expectations since living in Spain. Some of these expectations are specific to Valencia and others are related to being married to a Spaniard, but nevertheless, all are related to my new life in Spain.

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vegan and gluten free in valencia, spain

Vegan and Gluten-Free Options in Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain is definitely improving in its efforts to accommodate vegetarians (vegetarianos/as), vegans (veganos/as),  and celiacs (celiacos/as) or those who choose a gluten-free diet (sin gluten). 

It seems that every time we go out we are lucky enough to discover new places with vegan and gluten-free options. When traveling or living in Spain, be very cautious when ordering. Many spaniards have a different view of vegetarian and vegan than in other parts of the world and often assume that you will still eat seafood, cheese, and/or eggs. It is typical to find tuna (atún) on most vegetarian sandwiches and salads. In my experience, it is best to list all of the ingredients you DO NOT want in your meal.

Here are a few translated words and phrases, related to vegetarianism, to help you out.

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Best Mexican Food Restaurant in Valencia

Finding authentic Mexican food in Spain is more difficult than one may think. Although Mexico and Spain may share a language, their cuisine and flavor preferences could not be more different.

Thanks to some fellow Americans living in Valencia, I have recently discovered an adorable Mexican restaurant in the heart of Russafa. Chilangos features a colorful Mexican-style decor and has a menu complete with authentic Mexican flavors and dishes. All menu items are homemade including their tasty refried beans, chicken mole, tamales, and guacamole. I was in heaven to say the least.

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