Find Your Zen in Quarantine

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Social distancing doesn’t need to feel like isolation. I am here for you! Sign up for “Find Your Zen in Quarantine” and I will keep you company at home with daily yoga classes.

Donate any amount from 1 euro!

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Donation-based online yoga platform

What does this mean?

This means that you can access daily yoga videos for the next two weeks- directly online- from the comfort of your own living room. And I will be the one guiding you through class! Yep- Yoga with Jennison is moving online! Each class will range from 10 to 20 minutes in duration.

You can name your price and pay what feels good for you.

Are you a small business owner who is also struggling to pay your next bills? No worries, you can pay as low as 1 euro!

Are you working, per usual, and would like to practice at home while supporting me in my heartwork, as I continue on this journey of sharing yoga? Thank you! You can donate any amount that you feel is a fair energy exchange.

I will post a daily video, 10-20 minutes long, for the next two weeks. If you like it (or if we are quarantined for more time), I will send out another email in a couple of weeks with an opportunity to continue on with more online classes.

Not quarantined yet?

No problem! You, of course, are still welcome to enjoy these videos at your leisure. You never know when they may come in handy 🙂

Check your folders.
Once you donate, you will receive two emails directly to your inbox. Be sure to check all of your folders- these emails often like to sneak into spam. The first email will confirm your purchase and the second email will deliver the link to your “Find Your Zen in Quarantine” daily yoga. You can access this link every day for a new video or save the playlist to your YouTube library.

1 review for Find Your Zen in Quarantine

  1. Denise

    Thank you Jennison for the awesome yoga class! So calming in these days of such uncertainty

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