Best Mexican Food Restaurant in Valencia

Finding authentic Mexican food in Spain is more difficult than one may think. Although Mexico and Spain may share a language, their cuisine and flavor preferences could not be more different.

Thanks to some fellow Americans living in Valencia, I have recently discovered an adorable Mexican restaurant in the heart of Russafa. Chilangos features a colorful Mexican-style decor and has a menu complete with authentic Mexican flavors and dishes. All menu items are homemade including their tasty refried beans, chicken mole, tamales, and guacamole. I was in heaven to say the least.

Chilangos offers a mid-week lunch menu for 9 euros, including a drink and dessert. The waitstaff was incredibly friendly and accommodating of my vegan, gluten-free diet. For my first course I had a fresh salad with pineapple and nopales, followed by a second course with a completely vegan, veggie tamale. My husband had nachos as a starter and they put the melted cheese on the side for us so I could enjoy the delicious nachos loaded with pico de gallo salsa, fresh guacamole, beans, and jalapeño. As for dessert, try the sweet, strawberry tamales! Bonus: the restaurant carries great tequila options!

Refried beans are almost impossible to find over here in Spain (especially fresh, homemade beans). Our waitress said I could ask the chef to make some for me to purchase for take-away. An offer I won’t be passing up next time!

authentic mexican food in valencia spain


authentic mexican food in valencia spain

First course: “loaded” nachos and ensalada de nopales con piña

authentic mexican food in valencia, spain

Second course: vegan tamale with vegetables


authentic mexican food in valencia, spain

Dessert: sweet, strawberry tamale with chocolate


Read their reviews on Yelp here!

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