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Bloom where you are planted

“Bloom where you are planted”

Once I discovered my purpose through my passion, I began to feel overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed by all the ways I hoped to impact the lives of others. I was overwhelmed by my own capacity to love, share, teach and connect. I wanted to DO it all and FOR all.

I was so eager to connect with every person in my path, I became threatened by how large the world appeared. About how much need and opportunity I began to see in front of me. It was enough to make me feel discouraged.

It was when I shared this overwhelming fear that my aunt looked at me and said, “do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. This was a powerful moment for me. It triggered a shift in my mindset, which enhanced my vision. Instead of living in a sense of overwhelm, I chose to focus. This focus helped me to hone in on what, and who, truly mattered to me.

Where was I connected to community? Who could I connect with most intimately and closely? How could my gifts be shared in the most meaningfully ways? How can I bloom where I am currently planted?

*photograph by Meg Marie Photography

yoga with jennison

Natural Wellness in Valencia Spain

I have always been a fan of balancing western medicine with natural forms of healing, pain management, stress-reduction and general maintenance of my well-being. Moving to Valencia, Spain from California posed a few challenges, one of which was searching for and discovering my options for natural wellness in a new city.

Where can I find an english-speaking acupuncturist? Is chiropractic care safe in Spain? Where can I go for a relaxing massage or healing reiki?

After living in Valencia, Spain for four years, I have found an incredible group of individuals who I lovingly like to call my “Healers”. From migraines to anxiety, depression to pelvic pain, stress to simply wanting to treat myself to a morning of self-care, these individuals have provided me with a safe, loving, warm place to find healing.

I hope you enjoy my recommendations. Please let them know that I, Jennison, sent you!

In this post, you will find the following:

English-speaking acupuncturist
English-speaking chiropractor
English-speaking massage therapist and reiki practitioner (two!)
Meditation in English
Where to go for an organic facial
English-speaking group fitness
Yoga classes in English

yoga with jennison


Meeting an English-speaking acupuncturist was crucial for me. I wanted to feel comfortable sharing my story with this person and have the ability to ask questions and learn from my healing experience. I contacted Kelli Davis from Vibrant Life Integrative Wellness. Kelli made me feel comfortable right away. She offers a free consultation and helps many individuals in the community. Personally, she has helped me with hormone imbalance, back pain, migraines, anxiety and fatigue. Whatsapp: +34 652 57 53 09


I was in chronic pain after the birth of my son. I suffered from sciatica, lower back pain and far-from-optimal pelvic health. After two years of searching for a solution, I met Jorge Romero from Centro Quiropráctico Jorge Romero. He was a student in one of my yoga classes in Valencia and I knew right off the bat that we had similar values. He was knowledgable, patient, and thorough. As a neurological chiropractor, he took the time to analyze my entire well-being including my balance, mobility and brain-body connection. After only one appointment, I walked out of the office pain-free…for the first time in two years!

Massage, Reiki, and more!

If you’re like me, you love a good massage! I have been blessed to connect with two amazing massage therapists in Valencia. Both of these women work out of their home in Ruzafa. And you can also find them offering their healing touch at one of our Mediterranean Yoga Retreats!

Krystyna Marton from Pure Bliss offers therapeutic massage, reiki, and organic facials. My favorite is a 90-minute treatment which incorporates all three! The best way to contact her is by whatsapp: +34 691 52 44 71

Amanda Kellet from Healing For Me offers healing through massage, reiki, meditation and nutrition. Check out her website for all the details. Whatsapp: + 34 657 011 984

Group Fitness

For energizing and fun group fitness classes check out Metafit Valencia. Katherine Williams offers large group, small group and private training in the park. A great way to make new friends!


Yoga with Jennison– Yoga in English in Valencia, Spain. In addition to yoga classes in the park, I offer unique yoga experiences in Valencia including workshops, events, and retreats. Join us for Yoga & Brunch, Yoga & Live Music, Full Moon Yoga on the Beach, Yoga & Reiki and more! These experiences are designed as a way to connect you to yourself and to others in the community. All levels are welcome. Whatsapp: +34 661 58 56 53

Looking for regular studio classes? The owners of The Yoga Box Valencia, Lotus Loft, and Yoga Flow all speak english and have some teachers who speak english as well. Check out their schedules, I am sure you will find a class and teacher that are the right fit for you!

yoga with jennison

Why setting intentions, rather than resolutions, will make you happier

Happy new year! It’s that time of the year where we resolve to make changes, to improve, to achieve our goals and so much more. Resolutions are a great way to reflect and begin the year with a goal-setting mindset. However, resolutions can also make us feel defeated and even somewhat sad. Often, they are a reminder of our expired resolutions from the year prior. The ones that may not have come to fruition, bringing on a sense of falling short. Setting lofty new year’s goals can trigger a nagging voice of doubt, an unsettling fear of failure. Ugh. Now, that’s not the way to start the new year!

Here’s why setting intentions, rather than resolutions, will make you happier.

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No. You are not the only one

Isolation. Loneliness. Guilt. Worry, Shame. Paranoia.

These are not the typical emotions you may associate with motherhood, yet, here we are. So many women feeling isolated in their worry. Feeling lonely in their guilt. Feeling alone in their shame. So many women who feel that they are the only one. I too, spent many hours wondering the same thing.

“Am I the only one?”

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mindful parenting

Today, I watched my child play

I do a lot of things right as a parent. However, there are many things I would love to do better. When I ask myself, “am I doing my very best? Am I giving my all in each moment with my family?” Honestly? My answer is “no”. I know that the thing I struggle with most is being mindful in the moment. Ugh. It can be so difficult and seemingly exhausting to be present and engaged in every moment of the day. Sometimes, I think it feels good to take on a mindless task like watching TV or scrolling through photos on Instagram. When I really reflect on these moments of my day however, I am left feeling empty. Disconnected. Alone. Unsatisfied. 

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gluten free Italian in Valencia Spain

Where to enjoy gluten-free Italian in Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain is becoming more and more well-known for their delicious food, various types of cuisine, and great prices for a tasty meal. They are also adapting more and more to the gluten-free diet of many individuals who have an intolerance to gluten.

Here are our top four picks for a gluten-free Italian meal in Valencia, Spain.

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an open letter to my parents on their 40th wedding anniversary

An open letter to my parents on their 40th wedding anniversary

As children, we often take for granted the many years of love and care we received from our parents. In fact, many of their memories, of our lives, we may not even remember. The sleepless nights, the countless diaper changes, our first steps, our first words… heck, they even taught us how to use a spoon! I won’t say that I never felt grateful or that I never said “thank you” or “I appreciate you”. I did say those things. However, I haven’t always told my parents all the things I am grateful for. So, on their 40th wedding anniversary, I would like to share with them, and all of you, some of the many things I am forever thankful for.

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why drinking wine in Spain is more fun

Why drinking wine in Spain is more fun

I was recently out with a girlfriend to “grab a quick drink” after work. She was visiting and I was eager to show her around my favorite neighborhood of Valencia, Ruzafa. We met at Ubik Café, a hip, family-friendly cafe/bar/restaurant with book lined walls, friendly waitstaff, craft beers, cozy vibe, and generally busy with the buzz of friends chatting over coffee and snacks. Oh yeah, and wine for 2,50€ a glass. Sounds fun already, right?

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